Friday, January 30, 2015



Master Richard Tillotson Engulfed by Quicksand at Homer

   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tillotson, son and daughter recently visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Newton at Homer.  While there Master Richard strolled on the banks of the pond back of the Newton place and encountered a perilous adventure that ruined a suit of clothes and came very near ending seriously.  The Homer Republican in mentioning the adventure states:

   The mud bank near the edge of the pond looks as if it would sustain one's weight and the boy confidently walked out upon it.  Suddenly he sank in the mud so deeply that he could not extricate himself.  He sank deeper and deeper and in alarm cried out lustily for help.

   Fred Van Denburg of North Main street, was working in a field not far away and heard the boy's cries and hastening to his assistance and found him waist deep in the mud and quicksand.  He quickly procured a board and placing it on top of the mud walked out to the boy.  The board sank a foot or two under his weight but he succeeded with some difficulty in pulling the frightened boy from his perilous position.  His clothes had become plastered with mud from head to foot in floundering about in his efforts to extricate himself.  He was with good reason much frightened and most thankful to be rescued from his dangerous position.


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