Wednesday, December 31, 2014


   On February 17, 1909, H. H. Beecher Post lost one of its highly valued members, William Woods of Bush Settlement, near Bainbridge.  The father, Hiram Woods, bears the remarkable record, unprecedented in Chenango county, and probably rare throughout New York State and too, of the whole North, of sending forth five sons to bear arms in defense of the Union through the Civil war.  These sons were each members of the 10th New York Cavalry.

   William Woods, the primary subject of this sketch, and his brother Jotham, enlisted at Oxford, Aug. 30, 1862, as privates in Co. K, 10th New York Cavalry and for three years.

   The three other brothers, Clark, Harvey and James, enlisted at different periods, for one year each.

   William was wounded at Jarratt's Station, Va., December 10, 1864, and discharged for disability, June 16, 1865 from the Lincoln General Hospital, Washington, D. C.

   But two of the brothers died through the war - Jotham Woods, who enlisted at the same time with William, accidentally shot himself, April 24, 1863, and died the next day at Warrenton Junction.  Clark Woods died of disease, December 14, 1864, a few months after his enlistment.

   William Woods, who has recently died, suffered mortal agony all these years, since the war, his upper left arm being so mangled as to create a constant torture, and yet he bore his sufferings heroically.  He was brave in the war but braver still in his uncomplaining resignation to his martyrdom. - Bainbridge Republican.

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  1. Many thanks, this is my GG grandfather. I appreciate your efforts.